Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun and the 24 hour flu bug

So I thought it best not to have a picture today seeing as how I have been "driving the porcelain bus" the day before yesterday and Miranda was doing yesterday. So far no one else has caught this especially fun bug.

So Mike dragged my tree upstairs and I put it up yesterday I still haven't strung the beads.
I no sooner went upstairs than I hear crash bang crash! I come down to find the kitten under the tree surrounded by what wad left of 3 red glass balls.
GRRRRR! she would whack them off the tree and then pounce on them and knock them into the base of the tree or the wall until they broke. Rotten cat!

Mike swears he will help me put up lights tomorrow. We will see I am sceptical. It takes longer than this for congress to pass any bills ;O)

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