Monday, March 31, 2008

What a fun day (NOT!!!)

I got to spend a lovely afternoon in the ER at our local hospital with every person that has malaria, the flu or tuberculosis. Mike's back went out to the point he couldn't stand so I foolishly thought that if we took him to the ER instead of the urgent care that they would find out why his back keeps going out. I could have saved myself $150 and just taken him to the local clinic cause they did the same thing, here are some muscle relaxants and some pain killers.
Damn doctors tell me what is wrong and how to fix it I don't want to be handed narcotics. Okay that has an up side the narcotics but still.
So no quilting got done again today! Damn Damn DAMN!!!!! Okay I feel better now. (damn, shit and hell are NOT swear words my grandma says them ;O)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Everyone is still sick...

But I did manage to finish the top for my grandma gift quilt for her neighbor. Hope to feel better soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grandma is almost out and other fun things...

Well grandma sold her house and had to be finished moved out by tomorrow. I have been killing myself to get everything out and to her condo or the storage unit. SIGH! I hate being the only one "available" to take care of stuff like that. I left the garage to my uncle and the truck and trailer to my mom!! I am DONE!! I am not moving another box, going through another bag or papers, I am finished banging my head on the wall cause she can't throw out old peanut butter jars or newspapers from the 70's that she knows she saved for some reason. I am out of there!!!

On a just a joyful front Wade is barfing and has a fever of 102, Mike can't breath through his nose, his chest if full of crude and he has a fever of 101 and I have a tummy ache. GOODIE!

I wonder why I haven't gotten any quilting done? All I have to do on one is attach the rows together and the top is done. Dang it I want to wave my magic wand and have my house clean, my family well and lots of free quilting time.

Keep Dreaming! LOL!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy first day of Spring!

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Spring! We are celebrating by having a WHOLE bunch of rain here and snow in the mountains. BLECH!
It should be beautiful for egg rolling on Sunday and that is the important part! I have 5 sprouts coming up from my crocus and that makes me happy too.

On the quilting front I have 3 quilts in various stages of work, none of the tops any where near complete and I need to start another one, I need one done for Tue the 25Th, one for April 11Th one done for April 15Th and the other is just for me. Dang I better get off my blog and get my butt sewing :O)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance!!!

I was VERY happy with the mailman today! He brought me the batiks I ordered from Quilt in A Day and the book I bought on E-bay! This is the second try on this book the first one was a mess the person I ordered it from was a nightmare! So glad to have this one. I can't wait until my EQ6 software comes so I can design an awesome quilt with my new batiks!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dang Weather!

It is supposed to be Spring! IT felt like Spring yesterday! However by Sunday we are supposed to have 4 storms the last two are supposed to SNOW! Can you even believe it SNOW! BLECH!!! I am so ready for Spring, One of my tulips I planted in the Fall is coming up. It is NOT supposed to snow dang it. Ahhh the beauty of living in Utah you never know how late it will snow. SIGH!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Its Phyl's birthay!

Act quickly! This Give-A-Way ends at 9:00 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 11, 2008. For more information, click the image.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lesson learned

I am doing these flowers for an older lady in my guild. She is a sweetie and she just is having a hard time seeing well enough to applique anymore. I have seen the the applique done with the fusible interfacing where you sew it on and then flip it and iron it on then stitch around, easy right. Well it would be if you didn't sew the interfacing on backward and cut it out.
Well I had cut everything out and and the kit she had was 3 years old so I couldn't get anymore fabric, I didn't have enough edge to sew on more interfacing and so now I am needle turning it. I should have just done that from the start its what I know. At this point I have almost nothing to turn under and I am having to fight it every step of the way.
I was frustrated and put it away but I need to give it back to her she has the rest of the blocks done. SIGH!!
So lesson for today when working on someone else's stuff do what you know.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pin Cushions????

Carey over at Wanted everyone to post a picture of their pin cushions, I thought about it and I don't own a pin cushion. I have a pin magnet and an Altoids tin.
So here they are maybe if I win one of the pincushion books I will have to make a few. :O)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Felt like spring today!

Okay its not me(I wish)! But I got a new bike for the first time since I was 12, my first bike with gears and breaks on the handlebars. My bike doesn't have a basket on the front it has a toddler seat on the back.
DH got one too we are both going to use them all Spring, Summer and Fall (we hope) I have been really good about sugar(okay a lot better than I was) and I have lost 7 lbs since the first of the year so I am hopeful that adding some biking will help that along.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mean mom quilt

Its on the design wall! I have one more block coming in as you can see the empty spot the lower corner. I may rearrange them a little it looks a little green on one side. I was just excited to have it up and getting ready to sew.