Monday, March 31, 2008

What a fun day (NOT!!!)

I got to spend a lovely afternoon in the ER at our local hospital with every person that has malaria, the flu or tuberculosis. Mike's back went out to the point he couldn't stand so I foolishly thought that if we took him to the ER instead of the urgent care that they would find out why his back keeps going out. I could have saved myself $150 and just taken him to the local clinic cause they did the same thing, here are some muscle relaxants and some pain killers.
Damn doctors tell me what is wrong and how to fix it I don't want to be handed narcotics. Okay that has an up side the narcotics but still.
So no quilting got done again today! Damn Damn DAMN!!!!! Okay I feel better now. (damn, shit and hell are NOT swear words my grandma says them ;O)


Kim said...

ROFLOL! I've had days like this...stinks, doesn't it? You guys are having more than your fair share of illness and pain!!

I did take the robin photo, in my back yard just before the snow storm set in. We are getting hit with a ton of the white stuff. Oh joy.

Hope "things" improve at your house real soon. :)

teodo said...

ciao Carin
thanks for your visit in Italy ............on my blog.
Your afternoon at the hospital is a great visit.
ciao ciao arrivederci a presto.

JOinTAS said...

I can totally sympathise with your hubby, I spent last christmas on the floor of a tent, miles from a hospital after I sneezed and put my back out. Worst part was I had hayfever and kept sneezing, it was sooooo painful. An uncomfortable drive back home, visit to my ostepoath and I made a quick recovery!