Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grandma is almost out and other fun things...

Well grandma sold her house and had to be finished moved out by tomorrow. I have been killing myself to get everything out and to her condo or the storage unit. SIGH! I hate being the only one "available" to take care of stuff like that. I left the garage to my uncle and the truck and trailer to my mom!! I am DONE!! I am not moving another box, going through another bag or papers, I am finished banging my head on the wall cause she can't throw out old peanut butter jars or newspapers from the 70's that she knows she saved for some reason. I am out of there!!!

On a just a joyful front Wade is barfing and has a fever of 102, Mike can't breath through his nose, his chest if full of crude and he has a fever of 101 and I have a tummy ache. GOODIE!

I wonder why I haven't gotten any quilting done? All I have to do on one is attach the rows together and the top is done. Dang it I want to wave my magic wand and have my house clean, my family well and lots of free quilting time.

Keep Dreaming! LOL!!!


paula, the quilter said...

This sounds so much like what I've been going thru, but for me it's an elderly aunt for whom I am Power of Attorney. It IS a lot of work! I know, but in the end it will all be done.

Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

Yup, yup. Mother-in-law with a stack of 20-year-old Boston newspapers that threatened to trip her as she walks around it with her cane. ("I fell the other day and I was just *fine*." she says). Ahhhggghhh!

Hang in there. It will be fun to see the finished top when you have time. cheers!