Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lesson learned

I am doing these flowers for an older lady in my guild. She is a sweetie and she just is having a hard time seeing well enough to applique anymore. I have seen the the applique done with the fusible interfacing where you sew it on and then flip it and iron it on then stitch around, easy right. Well it would be if you didn't sew the interfacing on backward and cut it out.
Well I had cut everything out and and the kit she had was 3 years old so I couldn't get anymore fabric, I didn't have enough edge to sew on more interfacing and so now I am needle turning it. I should have just done that from the start its what I know. At this point I have almost nothing to turn under and I am having to fight it every step of the way.
I was frustrated and put it away but I need to give it back to her she has the rest of the blocks done. SIGH!!
So lesson for today when working on someone else's stuff do what you know.

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teresa said...

Ohh, that totally sounds like something I would do Carin!! Hope it wall works out :)