Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Its no wonder my nose is stuffy

I have been helping clean out the attic and the basement at my grandma's house she has moved into a condo from the house she lived in for 60 years and we have 60 years of dust, pollen and who know what else I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with that fun disease you get from dry rodent droppings by the end of all this.
We have been working like crazy to get the main floor empty and a path through the basement so it could be shown. Well the first people who saw it offered full price so now we have 3 weeks to get the rest out. A lot of it could go to the trash but she won't let you throw anything and I mean anything away unless she touches it tells you the story about it and then deliberates for 15 minutes.
Yes it is a long and laborious process and it will only be worse until we get her out.
I love my grandma!
The one thing this has taught me is I need to go throw some stuff away!

Monday, October 23, 2006

trains 2

Wade loved the trains he had a wonderful time!
I love this grin it just kills me.
Got some cool artsy-fartsy ones too.

Trains mommy trains

Wade loves trains! Every time we drive down Wall Ave. Here in town we pass Union Station and it's train museum. So today I am going to take train boy to see the trains up close, I do have an ulterior motive I want to get some cool close ups of the trains for his room. (we are switching from baby room to big boy room so that means no more Suzy Zoo and more trains!)
Wish me luck not only with getting some cool shots but with keeping track of wild boy in one of the "nicer" parts of town ;0)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Minivans SUCK!

We have a minivan and it sucks!

This could be the end of my post but I feel the need to justify my statement. We bought said minivan when we had a 3rd child and couldn't fit 2 carseats and another child in the backseat of anything else. Yes I know what you are thinking but I would rather slit my own wrists than drive a station wagon and lets tell the truth here a "sport utility wagon" IE the Subaru Outback is a station wagon just with 4 wheel drive!

I hate driving a minivan for one thing it makes me feel old. You know that no one who is young and fabulous drives a minivan.

Two this minivan while it is nice with the leather seats and the two tone paint it has had more problems with it than I can even re-count to you. As we speak(well okay as I type) the dang thing is back at the dealer to have the lock on the sliding door fixed yet again (I believe this is the 3rd time grumble grumble)

Three when you drive it everyone assumes you fit a mold: Soccer mom, 3 or more kids (but less than 5 cause then you have to have something bigger), in your late 30's or 40's, live in the suburbs and own a dog. While some if not all of this is true I don't like to fit a mold, I never have. Why else would someone dye there hair purple and wear black from head to toe in the August heat in Utah?

What I want what I really really want is a custom painted(maybe white and black or purple and black or even pink), convertible VW bug. A new one so I don't have to carry shoe lace and chewing gum wrappers to fix it (long story for another day). Maybe I am old and going through a mid life crisis (I am not that old I am no where midlife maybe its a one third of my life crisis) but I just am not ready for the baggers at the grocery store to start calling me mam, for the people at Hot Topic to know I am shopping for my daughter and not for me, I don't want the 20 something at the store to check out my daughter and not me. I am going into this old thing kicking and screaming!

That being said even if we sell our stupid minivan that has issues I probably will end up with another mom car cause after all I am a mom.

I still plan on wearing the happy bunny t-shirt!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To much awareness !?!

October is breast cancer awareness month, I think that's a good cause we need to be aware of.
It's also domestic violence awareness month, also something to think about,

In addition October is:
Lupus awareness month
Multiple Sclerosis education and awareness month
Workplace politics awareness month (I am totally not kidding)
Rett Syndrome awareness month ( they need to do a better job on this one I have never heard or it)
Nieman-Pick Disease awareness month (ditto on this disease)
National Cyber Security awareness month
Vegetarian awareness month ( I didn't realize people weren't aware of vegetarians)
Federal Energy Management awareness month
Learning Disablities awareness month (so if you have a learning disability do you even know you have an awareness month?)
CSA Celiac Desease awareness month
National Disability Employment awareness month ( this sounds like you should be aware that disableled people can be hired but doesn't do much as far as helping them get hired)
SIDS awareness month
Child abuse awareness month
Down Syndrome awareness month
Dyslexia awareness month
Hunger awareness month
Spina Bifida awareness month
Arts awareness month
AIDS awareness month
Diversity awareness month
Polish American heritage month
National Physical Therapy month
Deaf and Disability month (because being deaf isn't a form of disability?)
Pulmonary Hypertension awareness month ( I would hope if you have this you're aware of it!)
Mental Health awareness month
and my favorite Brain Tumor awareness month

HELLO!!!!! Is this completely out of control? In our need/desire to be politically correct we have to make sure we give every possible illness, lifestyle or thing an awareness month. How completely ridiculous is this? Don't you think that people aren't aware of art? Or brain tumors for heavens sake.

People lets get real here yes we have disease, yes we have disabilities yes we even have art but do we need to have an awareness month for everything?
What it comes down to is money (doesn't it always) If I have National Physical Therapy month I can run ads, send people out to collect for research and the like.

Why don't we try to be more Christ like (oh know its the religious right trying to shove Christian values down our throats again) more Budda like, more Mohammad like if you like,
but lets try to show love to every one and everything lets be aware of the people around us and take care of our friends and neighbors and then we have no need for Mental Health awareness month, or Sad and Lonely awareness month or any of that crap. If we all love one another, take care of one another and lookout for one another we are already "aware" of what people need and its already been taken care of.

Friday, October 06, 2006

You can never be to rich, to thin or have enough fabric!

Seeing as how I will never have to find out if that is the case with the first two I thought it best to work on the third ;)

I love making quilt tops I love finding patterns and then picking out just the right fabric to make it look just right, I love to sit at my sewing machine and watch the blocks come to life. Sometimes they come out exactly like they looked in my head when I started and other times they look totally different, but that isn't necessarily bad.

I love when they are all finished and I can look at the quilt and say I"I did that" I made something beautiful, useful and something that ties me to my ancestors, my mother never quilted and her mother never quilted, my grandmother on my dad's side was an advid quilter unfortunately she was a bit odd and I was a young when she died so I never had the chance to get past the idea that she was strange and learn anything from her. I can only guess that somehow that love of fabric and creating came from her some how.

I think it might also have to do with my love of history and wanting to feel close to the women of my family that walked across the plains of this county with only the things that would fit in a handcart. I know that they made quilts for practical reasons but I think they also must have had a creative side too. They they enjoyed watching a quilt come together and know that something they created would be used to help keep their children warm.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chips sooth the savage beast...

I am not 100% sure why potato chips are the think I have to have when I am stressed or upset I think it has something to do with they are my mother and my grandmothers "stress food" too.

Can potato chips be genetic? Or is it nurture not nature that drive me to eat half a bag of the damn things when I get upset?

All I know is that this has been a potato chip week and I will be glad when it is over tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I love Happy Bunny!

because he always says what you really want to say but don't. Okay I usually say what I want to say anyway ;0)

Lets face it we as a country very rarely say what's really on our mind. How do you explain that to a child? "You should be an honest person" then they see you telling great aunt Bertha that she looks fabulous in her lime green polyester jump suit. They know you are lying. So how do you explain that sometimes you lie to not hurt peoples feelings and that's okay? Is it okay? Should we subject the rest of society to Great Aunt Bertha in her lime green jumpsuit? Maybe what we need to do as a people is stop having our feeling hurt when people tell us the truth instead of what we what to hear and be more honest with each other.

It seems to me that if we could start with being honest a lot of other problems would go away. If you are being honest then we would have a reduction in theft (it isn't honest to steal), we would have truth and honor among our legislator's (maybe we could start to trust them again), we would never buy that hideous shade of lipstick(cause your friends would say "sweetie bad color on you."), we would never have to sit through another Al Gore docudrama about global warming (because he can't honestly say that he can prove anything is warming let alone the BS he has in his speeches and his movie)

Lets all start with honesty, we would have more integrity, we would have a better society in which to live, we would never again be victims of the great fashion conspiracy that gave us leg warmers!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rain Rain go away...

Rain is not my favorite thing!
I don't mind the snow (until I have to drive someplace!) but I really don't like rain. It makes it dark and depressing and yucky!
Maybe its just my dark, depressing and yucky mood that is doing it. I have had bronchitis for the last 3 weeks and I am totally ready for it to go away too.
Wow what a pathetic post!
I am going to try to improve my mood by playing with my sweet baby boy.