Friday, October 20, 2006

Minivans SUCK!

We have a minivan and it sucks!

This could be the end of my post but I feel the need to justify my statement. We bought said minivan when we had a 3rd child and couldn't fit 2 carseats and another child in the backseat of anything else. Yes I know what you are thinking but I would rather slit my own wrists than drive a station wagon and lets tell the truth here a "sport utility wagon" IE the Subaru Outback is a station wagon just with 4 wheel drive!

I hate driving a minivan for one thing it makes me feel old. You know that no one who is young and fabulous drives a minivan.

Two this minivan while it is nice with the leather seats and the two tone paint it has had more problems with it than I can even re-count to you. As we speak(well okay as I type) the dang thing is back at the dealer to have the lock on the sliding door fixed yet again (I believe this is the 3rd time grumble grumble)

Three when you drive it everyone assumes you fit a mold: Soccer mom, 3 or more kids (but less than 5 cause then you have to have something bigger), in your late 30's or 40's, live in the suburbs and own a dog. While some if not all of this is true I don't like to fit a mold, I never have. Why else would someone dye there hair purple and wear black from head to toe in the August heat in Utah?

What I want what I really really want is a custom painted(maybe white and black or purple and black or even pink), convertible VW bug. A new one so I don't have to carry shoe lace and chewing gum wrappers to fix it (long story for another day). Maybe I am old and going through a mid life crisis (I am not that old I am no where midlife maybe its a one third of my life crisis) but I just am not ready for the baggers at the grocery store to start calling me mam, for the people at Hot Topic to know I am shopping for my daughter and not for me, I don't want the 20 something at the store to check out my daughter and not me. I am going into this old thing kicking and screaming!

That being said even if we sell our stupid minivan that has issues I probably will end up with another mom car cause after all I am a mom.

I still plan on wearing the happy bunny t-shirt!


Trashman0 said...

The shoe lace and chewing gum wrapper story is a good one.

MarilynH said...

Haaaaaaa!! don't i know it! I don't understand these couples who get a minivan after kid # 1 or #2 what are they thinking???

Oh, and I wore all black to the Hill AFB air show in 2001. heeeeee

Denise said...

I hate my minivan. Hate it. But I also love it, especially when I took my third child home from the hospital and it was soooooo easy to put him in the carseat. I also love it when we go on trips and all three boys don't touch each other. I hate it when the Ramones come on the radio and I start singing the words real loud and dancing and pull up to a stop light and realize oh crap! I'm in a minivan. How dorky is that?

travis said...

you look like you're in your thirties, have three kids, with a haircut like that, and glasses. your van didn't screw your image, your hair did. and so you bought a crappy van. buy a better one. i bought a bad fridge once, but i don't wave a banner saying "refridgerators suck."

you ARE in "that mold" like it or not. the car has nothing to do with it. accept who you are, and you'll be fine.

i have three kids and a minivan, and the only image i give a crap about is looking like the dad that takes care of his kids, and does his best for thier comfort and well being.
good day to you.