Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I miss British candies!!!!

I used to have a place close (okay it was 60 miles) that I could get yummy British candy. It's GONE!!! I am heart broken! I love the Sherbert fountains, but my all time favorite was orange CLUB cookies(biscuits) I can find the Sherbert fountains online but not the CLUB cookies. UGGGG!
Do they no longer make them? That would be AWFUL!! I love orange and chocolate together. I used to get the licorice allsorts too. MMMMmmmm!
Okay I am just making myself sad here! Hey with gas as expensive maybe the shipping would be less than the gas HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I had a pretty good time at the PTSA convention. I now have all the info I need to find out exactly what the PTSA is spending my money lobbying for. ;O)
Spending those 2 days walking around the BYU campus and going to the classes TOTALLY wiped me out. I did get my own bed, but I still ended up sleeping all day Sunday and most of Monday.

We saw DAVE on Saturday! It was really cool to see him live and in person! We are need to become gazelles!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Super secret spy mission

Well I leave in the dark of night to head into the belly of the PTSA beast. I am off to the convention.
I really do have to leave before the crack of dawn to drive to the strange place they call "Happy Valley" Through the evils of morning rush hour traffic. To be indoctrinated into the ways of PTSA and learn the secrets of sucking up to the teachers union and hosting a "stomp"
I get to sleep in a strange hotel with people I hardly know. I hope no one snores,
I hope I get my own bed! I hope we get good food, I hope I can stay awake!

I will have a full report on my super secret spy activitys when I return.

I realised that I may have to explain what a "stomp" is I don't know if its a Utah word or a US word but I know that not everyone that reads this is from the US and not always from Utah. A stop is just an after school dance. Just so you didn't feel out of the loop ;O)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I was the driver not the patient this time.

Mike had a steroid injection into his back for a bulging disk today. He wasn't allowed to drive himself so for once I got to be the driver not the victim (I mean patient)
He is doing great, no side effects, his back feels about the same but then they said give it 3 to 5 days for the steroid to work.
I hope it helps his back the Dr was less than sure it would, Mike says he isn't in a lot of pain but the Dr looking at his back says he should be. (Mike says he is stoic I said he is just to stubborn to feel pain LOL!)
Of course being at the surgical center and worrying about him made me extra tired today. That's always fun. Gotta love mono!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lynette you made my day!!!!

`Lynette the sweetie that she is made my day when I went to the mail box and found this goodie all the way from Queensland! I can't wait to go get the supplies I need to sit down with my personal instructor and learn to do "punch needle" or needle punch as we call it here in the states. WOO HOO another thing I can do while I rest.
Do you think DH can be trusted to go get the right stuff for me to get started? :O)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I feel like this is all I do anymore! IF I try to do much else I am back here crashing again. I have gotten a bit done on my grandmothers flower garden blocks I am doing by hand. (see much earlier post for pictures Monday Nov 12th 2007 I think) Back to my pillow.

Monday, May 05, 2008

beware of who you kiss when you are 16

So when I was 16 I was a little bit a of a flake and was not opposed to kissing boys that I didn't know very well :O) Because of that I picked up a raging case of Mono at 16. I spent 3 months in bed. I tell you this so you will know what I am talking about as to why I have been so fatigued.

My Dr called to explain to me that my mono has come back. I was under the wrong assumption that you could only get it once. Well according to him you do only get it once it just never goes away. When your body gets strained or under stress that it can return. SIGH!!

There is no treatment all I can do is rest (HAHAHAHA I have a 4 year old) and sleep. To that end he is going to do a sleep study to make sure I am getting restful sleep. He thinks I have sleep apnea and that it is contributing.

I need to piece a quilt top so I can hand quilt and be lazy.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hopefully an end to my tooth related posts

I was able to get into the endodontist early they had a cancel today so I got in 5 days early. WOO HOO!
He was able to get the rest of the nerve out so after the swelling goes down in a couple days I should feel better. I am still eating soft foods on one side of my mouth but I am having positive thoughts that it will be great soon.

I am waiting on a bunch of test results from the Dr cause I am fatigued all the time. Tonight I get to sleep with a pulse ox then if it says anything off for a full sleep study. They also took 12 vials of blood. Good grief 12! He is testing for all sorts of things from Lyme to Lupus. I am hopeful that I will have an answer some time soon. Oh yeah and they made me pee in a cup so I guess they wanted to make sure I wasn't preggers too. (I would just DIE!!!) I think they would have called by now if that were the case. Whew!!!