Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dump and Stir: Here's to a HOT New Year!

Dump and Stir: Here's to a HOT New Year!: So I was going to post a new recipe every Sunday but I wanted to give you a head start on something for New Year's Eve. I am a hot head, n...
sorry for anyone that tried earier I have fixed the url and the link should work now.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good grief!

Has been almost a year my goodness. Things are still crazy, I am still battling with fibromyalga on daily basis but I have found some medications, vitamins and massage that is helping some.
I have been preparing for a move that we didn't know when it would happen for the last year well it's now two weeks away HOLY CRAP! Maryland will never be the same once I have landed :)
Since I don't have nearly enough to do, I thought I would take up blogging in earnest again. so here I am posting, I also started a little food blog as well (why not really make sure I am insane)
It's also here on Blogger its called dump and stir I hope you enjoy it as well.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our wonderful friends down under can use our help!

I am sure you have heard about the flooding and the wild fires tha our friends in Australia have been hit with.
Here is a way to help Among the Gum Trees is working to help people who have lost everything at least have the joy that having the supplies to do just a little needle work can provide. Head over check it out and help if you can.