Wednesday, May 23, 2007

12 she can't be 12...

Well Saturday is Miranda's birthday she will be 12!
I have apparently lost my old and addled mind because I have allowed her to invite 13 of her school friends to our house for a luau on Saturday.
I remember 12 years ago when she was born I remember being in miserable labor for 24 hours, I remember my blood pressure shooting off the chart and being told after 4 hours of pushing that they needed to "unzip me" , I remember being on the operating table and hearing her cry once then nothing and freaking out ( I didn't understand they had taken her to another room.),
She was so tiny and so adorable, I guess that a birthday party of 14 twelve year olds can't be any worse than that.
So we are going to have cupcakes with flowers on them arranged in the shape of a lea, we are going to limbo and I think that we should have a hula contest or something, I think that we will have pineapple sherbet and Miranda wants pizza (I suggested ham and pineapple or Spam and she told me I was "So Gross!")
Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thinking Blogger Tag

Okay so my dear friend Marilyn must think I need to post more and tagged me in the "thinking Blogger Award" so I am supposed to post 7 weird things about myself. I don't think that should be to difficult as I myself agree I am rather odd.
1- I was in a car accident with a moose, spent a week in ICU and came out of it mostly normal.
2- I scored higher than my husband on the are you a geek test. (not to sure that's a good or a bad thing ;o) )
3- I married my husband on the 3 month anniversary of our first date. ( 13 years ago in August)
4- I can't stand the feel of chalk, terra cotta pots or dirt. For what ever reason the feel of those things just grosses me right out!
5- I hate sitcom's, reality TV, and almost everything on network TV.
6- I have been to the cadaver lab at BYU and got to see the way they dissect a human for an autopsy. I thought it was fascinating one of my class mates passed out.
7- I am not sure if I want to see any of the people at my 20 year high school reunion that is coming in September. And for those of you that can do the math remember I was like 4 or 5 when I graduated from high school ;O)