Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Take that you stupid machine!

This machine is my nemesis!
When I started at the gym I climbed on old Bessie here and walked (in the odd high stepping way it makes you) for exactly 4 minutes and 27 seconds. You can imagine how proud of myself I was with this accomplishment. (eyeroll goes here)
Well today I decided that I had avoided the elliptical trainer long enough, I have seen women that have been going to the gym about the same amount of time I have that have been using the elliptical while I have been using the bike and they have better butts now and I don't. (well that isn't entirely true my butt is better just not as better as theirs!) Now don't be thinking I go to the gym to sit and look at other women's butts but when you are on a stationary bike that is closer to the ground and they are up in the air next to you on the elliptical you are eyeball to butt cheek checking it out can't be avoided! Anyway today I climbed on and used the elliptical for 30 whole minutes!!!!!
I even finished up my 45 minutes of cardio after I got off on the bike.
I know this is a flagrant attempt at fishing for complements but it's still nice to hear them.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Spring is almost here...

I love the beautiful flowers that come up in the spring. The last couple of days it has been warm and very spring-like here. The weather man says it wont last that it should snow tomorrow or the next day but it still feels very much like spring is right around the corner.
I love the feeling of coming out of a long winter of confinement and depressing days. I love that I can have the windows down in my car and still be warm. I can't wait for the 4 or 6 daffodils and the 10 to 12 tulips that still manage to come up in my front yard every year to poke there heads through. I think that its no coincidence that Easter is in the spring the whole season is one of rebirth and renewal.
This spring will be a bit different than before I have been exercising all winter and I am looking forward to going hiking with Mike and the kids. Not to far away we have a trail its called "the old Indian trail" (I can only imagine because it is an old Indian trail) that in the spring has some of the most lovely wild flowers that grow along it. This year I don't want to miss seeing them. Also Mike has been bitten by the photography bug so he can carry all the heavy camera equipment up the trail. (thanks for the camera equipment Chuck we use it all the time!!)
So I guess I just need to hold on to the memory of the last couple of days for another couple of weeks and then spring will be here...

With kids playing outside

The smell of lilacs as I walk into and out of work(we have HUGE lilac bushes along the courtyard that runs next to the main entrance to work)

No more coats

Warm sunny days that we can throw open the windows and air out the house

Did I mention kids playing outside?!?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bowling anyone?

For Austin's birthday we took him and 8 of his friends to Weber State to go bowling they are all 7 or 8 years old. When I called they said sure they had smaller bowling balls for little kids
(this is technically true if you call 8 pounds a smaller ball) They did not mention however that ALL of the "lighter" balls where hot pink. Austin's first reaction was "don't they have a blue one?" after adjusting to the idea that they where going to have to bowl with hot pink balls they could lift but not well they had a wonderful time.
They have the bumpers in the gutters so that they did pretty well. Austin got at least once strike and 2 or 3 spares.
As you can see he got his bowling technique from his mom. Some where out there lurks a picture of me bowling (not to long ago I might add) I look a little like a warped ballerina on acid. I hope that Austin and his friends will remember how much fun they had and not that they had to bowl with girl balls or that they had to bowl next to obnoxious college kids that took all the seats so the little kids had to stand the whole time. I know this was more fun than any of the birthday parties I had as a kid (no offence mom)
Just in case you are wondering Austin bowled 113 and lost to his friend by one point.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The cosmic police and other joys in my life...

Its the cosmic police I tell yah (Its tattooed on the back of their neck ;O) )
I must have been very bad in a former life or I have something really really good coming my way to have the week I have been having.
First Wade has been having asthma problems (we didn't even know he had asthma until 2 weeks ago) I finally got him into the specialist at the allergy and asthma clinic here in town and we have discovered the problem Wade is allergic to dogs. We have a dog. Now you see the problem, This dog has been on the top of my not so favorite person/animal list several times but my kids and my husband love this dog so I hurt for them because they will be really sad to see her go. We are looking at family and friends to see if anyone would like her.
Next I get a call from the sleep disorders clinic telling me that I have to come in for a full blown sleep study. UGG! I woke myself up a couple of times now not breathing so I told the doctor and he had me sleep with an O2 monitor the results from that led them to believe I probably have sleep apniea and that I need to go in for this study, anyone who knows me knows I don't sleep well in strange places. I don't sleep in hotels, I can't sleep when we go camping, they give me sleeping pills when I have to stay at the hospital, when I was a kids I didn't sleep at sleepovers, now they want me to go to a strange doctors office be hooked up to a bunch of machines (they said it would take about an hour to hook up everything) and fall asleep so they can watch me. HA I tell you HA!

Later the same day I had to go back to Brigham City (30 minutes North of here) where my dentist is (he lives 4 doors down the street but his office is 30 miles away) to try on a new metal piece for the bridge I am getting. This would be try number 2 the first go round we did all they stupid molds and crap and sent them off to the lab the try in piece came back and it didn't fit at all. SO we went back and did more molds of my teeth and tried again. This time around the metal thing fit so in about a week I will finally have my teeth fixed.

The topper of the week has been I went back to work. That means home and in bed around 2 am back up with kids to get them to school around 7 am. We have a plan and I am hoping that is the good thing karma has in store for me. My parents are moving out of our first house (the mobile home from hell) that they have been living in for the last two years. This thing has been impossible to sell so what we are going to do is move back in, I know before you think I have totally lost my mind hear me out, we will do the repairs and painting needed in this house to sell it while we live in the trailer, sell ths house, pay off all our bills including the stupid trailer and be debt free. Once we do that we can build the house of our dreams, or buy and old Victorian like this one I am in love with http://www.utahhomes.com/Property/PropertyDetails.aspx?mlsnumber=553076 . Wish us luck, keep us in your prayers and do what ever it is you have to do to make good Karma come our way .

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If I were a rich man, Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum

or woman I would by shoes like this,
I have been thinking a lot about money lately as the time has come for me to return to work.
Big Sigh!
I think we have worked it out and I will only be back for about six months I can do six months. I know that if we can work out plan and be debt free then it's so much better for us and for the kids. I will have less stress, I can quit my job, we can start saving for college for the kids. So I guess a six month sacrifice to have good things is worth it. Besides I now have an excuse to go buy new clothes after losing 30 pounds none of my old work clothes fit.

Monday, February 06, 2006

So I got this book thinking I like to color I will whip out some cute file folder games for the kids to play with during church.
That was 3 years ago
I finally have all of them colored, laminated and all but 3 cut out and velcro attached. The kids love them they do make a bit of noise and in our ward where the average age of the congregation is some where around 55 that kinda sucks. But it is lots less noise than the boys playing demolition derby on the pews.
I hope that the kids will play with these until they are at least 30 to make it worth my work.