Friday, February 24, 2006

Bowling anyone?

For Austin's birthday we took him and 8 of his friends to Weber State to go bowling they are all 7 or 8 years old. When I called they said sure they had smaller bowling balls for little kids
(this is technically true if you call 8 pounds a smaller ball) They did not mention however that ALL of the "lighter" balls where hot pink. Austin's first reaction was "don't they have a blue one?" after adjusting to the idea that they where going to have to bowl with hot pink balls they could lift but not well they had a wonderful time.
They have the bumpers in the gutters so that they did pretty well. Austin got at least once strike and 2 or 3 spares.
As you can see he got his bowling technique from his mom. Some where out there lurks a picture of me bowling (not to long ago I might add) I look a little like a warped ballerina on acid. I hope that Austin and his friends will remember how much fun they had and not that they had to bowl with girl balls or that they had to bowl next to obnoxious college kids that took all the seats so the little kids had to stand the whole time. I know this was more fun than any of the birthday parties I had as a kid (no offence mom)
Just in case you are wondering Austin bowled 113 and lost to his friend by one point.


Trashman0 said...

Dad, you should have seen Austin's technique. He was fabulous! He would hurl the bowl down the lane and he would pause his follow through at the end with his hand raised over his head, his fingers in a claw, his toungue sticking out, as he watched the ball go down the lane. It was very stylized. Kabuki bowling. I wish I had taken more pictures with a higher speed film.

Kristi said...

Carin- what a fun party! 113 is not too shabby! I'd say the pink ball did pretty well for him!