Monday, February 27, 2006

Spring is almost here...

I love the beautiful flowers that come up in the spring. The last couple of days it has been warm and very spring-like here. The weather man says it wont last that it should snow tomorrow or the next day but it still feels very much like spring is right around the corner.
I love the feeling of coming out of a long winter of confinement and depressing days. I love that I can have the windows down in my car and still be warm. I can't wait for the 4 or 6 daffodils and the 10 to 12 tulips that still manage to come up in my front yard every year to poke there heads through. I think that its no coincidence that Easter is in the spring the whole season is one of rebirth and renewal.
This spring will be a bit different than before I have been exercising all winter and I am looking forward to going hiking with Mike and the kids. Not to far away we have a trail its called "the old Indian trail" (I can only imagine because it is an old Indian trail) that in the spring has some of the most lovely wild flowers that grow along it. This year I don't want to miss seeing them. Also Mike has been bitten by the photography bug so he can carry all the heavy camera equipment up the trail. (thanks for the camera equipment Chuck we use it all the time!!)
So I guess I just need to hold on to the memory of the last couple of days for another couple of weeks and then spring will be here...

With kids playing outside

The smell of lilacs as I walk into and out of work(we have HUGE lilac bushes along the courtyard that runs next to the main entrance to work)

No more coats

Warm sunny days that we can throw open the windows and air out the house

Did I mention kids playing outside?!?


Trashman0 said...

I think she has overly fond memories of the old indian trail. It sucks for the first mile or so. But it is really beautiful.

I look forward to getting my butt kicked on that trail with you.

Ken said...

Spring is springing and lifting our spirits. Hopefully it lasts. It has been a long winter.

Kristi said...

Mmmmmm...can't wait to see daffodils and lilacs, either!