Monday, August 30, 2010

Another GO this one you have until Sept 3

Sherri @A Quilting Life is also giving away a GO and has a great blog so check her out :O)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Must love books:)

The last Saturday morning is August is one of my favorite and most dreaded days, its the annual book sale at the library here.
My favorite because we always pick up enough books to keep me reading until at least Christmas as well as enough for my DD,DH and DS1 too. All for an amazing price
The hard back books are sold for 75 cents and the paperbacks for 50. So this year we got 26 hard backs and 60 paperback books for $35. I love to read so while almost 1/3 of those books are mine I will probably read them all at the latest by Christmas. My DD will have hers read before Halloween and she got more of them than I did. she is something else. :O)

Now why you are asking yourself is it your most dreaded day well a few reasons
*The sale opens at 10 but people start lining up to get in around 7 I think there maybe a few real diehards that are there earlier.
*Its held in the basement of the library so there are no windows no air conditioning, and approx. 250 in the room. can you say sweat?
*I have a bit, okay A LOT of crowd anxiety, This year I couldn't find my anxiety meds to take before we went I had a full blown anxiety attack today. For a while there I thought I was going to die.
*Ebay, what does Ebay have to do with why I dread the book sale well I will tell you people who resell books on Ebay come in force, they swarm the tables looking for popular authors, classics and new books donated for the sale. They will come over and take a whole box you are looking out right from under you. This year the library was much better about controlling them, they had more people working the sale, they wouldn't let people stockpile a bunch of books in a corner someplace and buy them later after they had cleaned out a whole table and they wouldn't let them use scanners to find what the going price was for a particular book.

Anyway as I said in the my title you must LOVE books to put yourself through the craziness of the book sale but if you do you can really clean up on stuff you want to read. I always tell myself I am never doing it again but you wait and see next August I will be back complaining that I can't breath and people are insane but I will also have another whole bookshelf of new books to read. :O)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Amy Butler is being given away

okay at least Amy Butler fat quarters are here to celebrate the amazing remodel of her sewing room

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Another give away...

This time for some fun scraps Melissa @Lilac Laneis giveing away her yummy scraps

More GO giveaway's

Kerrielyne @Freckled Whimsey has a give away going on as well as
Heather @a la lode fabric and
Jackie @Canton Village Quilt Works you should check them out!

I survived :O)

So after 4 big ole glasses of barium on an empty stomach, then walking in circles for 45 minutes, at least a dozen x-rays to see the progress of the barium the final "special" x-ray on the tilt table took a big 15 seconds. I was told to drink, drink, drink because in addition to tasting like liquid chalk barium is also really good at making you constipated (WOO HOO)

Dude what a morning!

I am sore and my stomach is thoroughly unhappy but I am surviving and tomorrow is the first day of school for the boys so I will have the place to myself!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Woo hoo another give away!

Just wanted to send you a heads up Paulette @ Sweet P quiltingis giving away a GO

I hate when you have to go in fasting!

So after my trip to the doc last week he sent me for x-rays and blood work the blood work was good, the x-ray showed a loop of bowel is inflamed so today I got to go for an "upper endoscopy" I got to go in fasting SIGH! it was scheduled at 12:15 that was bad enough but then of course everything was late so by the time I got back for my 15 minute procedure and out and was able to eat it was 3 yes 3 PM grumble grumble!

Just a visual for you on the whole "Upper Endoscopy". Good news, no ulcers or anything nasty in my stomach.

Tomorrow the fun continues with an upper bowel x-ray with contrast, Yup I get to fast AGAIN, then drink barium (YUM) then I get to be put on a tilt table and a series of x-rays will show if the reason for the inflammation in the loop of bowel if because of a blockage. If not then we get to wait until I have another attack at which time I am no longer allowed to just take pain meds and tough it out I am sworn to go to the ER.
Oh found a picture of the tilt table, almost as fun as the state fair NOT!!!

HUGS and Love to all,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking for input, comments, rude remarks...

This is a neti pot

This would be people using a neti pot

Why would I post this you ask yourself (you know that's what you are asking yourself right after you looked at the pictures and said is that person pouring water up one nostril to have it drain out the other EWWW!)

I post this because I have sinus gunk again, yes that's a technical term ;O) When my sweetie worked at a company that sold yoga equipment this was one of the non-yoga items they sold and every time I get sinus gunk my sweetie tells me I should try this.

So the input, comments, whatever I am looking for is this
*Have you ever used a neti pot? good experience? bad? to bizarre for words?
*Would you poor water up your nose to clean out your sinus?
*If you do decide to use a neti pot do you then need to have your chi adjusted (wait that's Chinese isn't it?)

Your input is always carefully considered before I do it my own way ;O)

wish me luck

I am off this morning to the gastrointestinologist yeah the stomach and intestine guy. I has surgery about 14 years ago and since then off and on I have had problems with scar tissue (adhesion's is what the doc calls them) hanging up bits of my intestines. I have been in the hospital because of it once. BIG FUN!
Anyway so it got better for a long time with only the occasional stabbing, the last few weeks it has gotten worse so hence the Dr. visit. I hope he doesn't want to do any really yucky tests. I will let you know.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love charter schools!

My DD is going into the 10th grade(when they start to really count what you take and what your grades are)
She is moving to NUAMES the Northern Utah Acadamy for Math, Enginering and Science. She is my math genius and wants to be a vetrinarian so this is a great school for her. Next year she can have "concurent enrollment" while she goes to high school the classes she takes can give her college credit so she can be ahead when she graduates from high school. She is thrilled and I am too. She is all registered fees paid and schedule in hand and school starts on Monday.
Yup in a week I will be child free all day 5 days a week! I have big plans that involve going to the gym in the morning and getting some cleaning and quilting done(wish me luck LOL)

I have a special request for an 18th anniversary gift idea so here goes

18th- the traditional list just skips the one all together (dude! hello you have been married to this person for 18 years and they think it's okay to just skip it NO WAY!) the contemporary list has porcelain, chinaware, bone china or ceramics for this anniversary. Since I know this person I would say this really isn't far off from what should be given. I would add that it should be NICE stuff NOT a cup an saucer from the dollar store. Maybe its time for some nice royal Doulton
(I couldn't find any with the hand painted periwinkles)

I hope everyone has a great day

Monday, August 16, 2010

I just had to share

I have been drooling on the GO for 2 years now, Karen @ Sew Many Ways is GIVING one away! I have my fingers and toes crossed on this one.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The seven year itch

Let's continue on our practical anniversary gift giving advise,

7th year- This is another one to give some serious thought to. I mean Marilyn Monroe could move in upstairs and then what would you do? I think that you need to remind your dear wife that you love her as much as when you honeymooned, so take her back to your honeymoon spot (no really its very romantic, unless you are me and then reliving your honeymoon would involve husbands with food poisoning NOT romantic, remind me to tell you the whole story one time)

8th- by this time all the nice stuff you got for your wedding is trashed so renovate a room for her, if its possible a room just for her maybe a nice sewing room or a dark room even a green house would be good. If you took the roto-tiller advice and she didn't use it to turn over the ground to make a shallow grave for you maybe its time for that gazebo.

9th- What we haven't had any jewelry for a while? It is SO time for more. Remember each time you need to get larger, nicer and more expensive items. It just wont work to get her a diamond and ruby pendant in the past then a cheesy turquoise ring from the Indian casino this time.

10- once again its a milestone anniversary, It looks like she is going to stick around so you better show her why she still likes you. A trip, a nice one is in order Hawaii, the Bahama's, a cruise. Be careful here you don't want to go to far and take a grand tour of Europe and Greece cause then what are you going to do when 15 rolls around and you have to top yourself. Think ahead man :O)

11,12,13 & 14- So by now you really should have learned to listen to the hints she drops starting about a month or two before you anniversary is coming up. Think what has she showed you in a magazine or catalog, told you a story about her friends romantic husband, pointed out in a store or on the telly. I know you can do it, you just have to reach into yourself and find that romantic bone you have. Maybe you don't even know its there but everyone has one some of us (mostly men ;O) ) choose not to use it very often.

15th- once again you should be marveling that she is still here even though you squeeze the toothpaste in the middle and put the tp on the roll wrong she still loves you and has devoted pretty close to half her life(cause we are all child brides who have children older than we are LOL) to you.
15 years demands a little blue box, yes save your pennies all year for this one and bite the bullet you lovely wife NEEDS to own something from Tiffany's.

16th- Yes dear I know you are waiting for me to tell you what you should go out and get but HA I say HA HA HA I am on to you, don't you know this is all a test? I am checking to see if you listen to me the rest of the year or pay attention when I say oooo I want one of whatever. You will be graded and your extracurricular activities for the next few months will be based on how you score on this test. In other words you score better if you score better on this test LOL ;O)

NO really, Stop giggling mister! I am still waiting for most of the stuff on this list so you better get busy!

I love you with all my heart dear Michael, thank you for 16 wonderful years!

Oh and for anyone that needs me to come up with practical anniversary gift ideas for the hubby or heck if you are one of the male readers for yourself let me know and I will think on it :O)

Friday, August 13, 2010

More of a realistic anniversary gift guide

Okay lets see we left off at 3 SOOOOO

4 year anniversary- A house! by now you should be married long enough that living in something rented is driving you nuts, you need your own space so yeah a house is a great gift.

5th - It is time for more jewelry, gemstones are a good choice at this point. rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, amethyst are all good choices.

6th- You have made it past the first real milestone in your marriage good for you! Buy your love something BIG for her favorite hobby, is she a scrapbooker buy her a nice SLR camera, does she quilt I think a new machine is in order, Maybe she likes to garden (UGG I can't imagine that but ok) buy her a roto-tiller (okay I am reaching with that one cause I have no idea what you would want if you gardened)Or maybe build her a gazebo to appreciate her garden from.

okay off to continue my running around but rest assured I wont leave you hanging on your gift buying I will be back.

Much Love,

Its Friday the 13th

Of August, that means it my 16th anniversary!

Having my anniversary on a Friday the 13th is special because we got married on a Friday the 13th!

So I looked it up to see what I was supposed to be getting for 16 years and I found that according to the anniversary by year list that 16 you should give and receive tormaline on the classic list and silver hollowware for the modern. OKAY dude I so had to go look up what they were talking about!
I found this is a tourmaline ring pretty huh, just $1850 (I don't think I will be finding this next to my dinner plate tonight)

So moving on to hollowware I found this "Hollowware is the opposite of flatware. Flatware are dishes that lay flat, like a flat plate. Hollowware is a dish or item that is not flat, like a bowl." Okay I am not sure who makes up these lists but I so do not want a silver plated gravy boat for my anniversary!

So I am going to start making my own list

1st- nookie(other terms you may find this gift under would be the horizontal mambo, bedroom push ups, and the really classy among us may say getting lucky) Lets face it when you have only been married a year you are broke an you are still madly in love(you haven't yet realized that the "cute" things he does aren't going to be cute in another couple years) so what better gift.

2nd- jewelry lets face it she stuck with you for 2 years it is SO time for you to be coming up with something shiny to keep her attention.

3rd- Night away at a B&B by now you probably have a kid or at least a dog or cat so you NEED a time away when someone else makes you apple and cream cheese stuffed french toast and makes the bed for you!

Okay I need to think on some more so I will continue the anniversary gift giving guide later.

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Saturn

No not this one

This one

is a good car it has one issue however that makes me crazy (not a long way to go I know)
It has this knobbie thingy that adjusts the lumbar support on the drivers seat that breaks off every time it gets used. Soooo I get to sit at the dealer here while they fix it. AGAIN!
I told them that this is it if it breaks again they are replacing my seat! I don't know that changing seats will fix the issue but I do know it made me feel better to stomp my feet and demand things :O)
Hopefully I wont be sitting here all day, at least the have wifi!

Have a great one, HUGS!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whoa time flys!!!!

Okay I have done it again just disappeared into my own little world and left everyone hanging.
I wanted to let you all know I am alive and FINALLY feeling better, it has taken a while and many doctors to find the answers to what was going on with me.

I do have Fibromyalga and Chronic Fatigue, I have found in addition or as a contributing factor my hormones are all whacked (yes that is a technical term :OP) With something called Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which has very little to do with ovaries and more to do with my pancreas.
I am now on several pills that I am slowly getting off and on vitamins and natural hormone replacements to bring my hormone levels to where they belong.

No update on me would be complete with out wishing myself a happy birthday

I have missed you all so much and I promise I will do my best to get here on a regular basis to keep you up to date, heck I am feeling better enough to try to get some quilting done,