Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I survived :O)

So after 4 big ole glasses of barium on an empty stomach, then walking in circles for 45 minutes, at least a dozen x-rays to see the progress of the barium the final "special" x-ray on the tilt table took a big 15 seconds. I was told to drink, drink, drink because in addition to tasting like liquid chalk barium is also really good at making you constipated (WOO HOO)

Dude what a morning!

I am sore and my stomach is thoroughly unhappy but I am surviving and tomorrow is the first day of school for the boys so I will have the place to myself!


Barb said...

I am sorry that you have to go through all of this....

enjoy your time of peace and quiet...SEW!!!

sewmeow said...

Hi Carin..just reading your blog to make sure you did all 5 requirements to enter my blog for the GO giveaway...

Am so sorry about your 'inners'.
Please send me an email, as would like to talk to you privately.
sewfunquilts at sbcglobal dot com