Saturday, August 28, 2010

Must love books:)

The last Saturday morning is August is one of my favorite and most dreaded days, its the annual book sale at the library here.
My favorite because we always pick up enough books to keep me reading until at least Christmas as well as enough for my DD,DH and DS1 too. All for an amazing price
The hard back books are sold for 75 cents and the paperbacks for 50. So this year we got 26 hard backs and 60 paperback books for $35. I love to read so while almost 1/3 of those books are mine I will probably read them all at the latest by Christmas. My DD will have hers read before Halloween and she got more of them than I did. she is something else. :O)

Now why you are asking yourself is it your most dreaded day well a few reasons
*The sale opens at 10 but people start lining up to get in around 7 I think there maybe a few real diehards that are there earlier.
*Its held in the basement of the library so there are no windows no air conditioning, and approx. 250 in the room. can you say sweat?
*I have a bit, okay A LOT of crowd anxiety, This year I couldn't find my anxiety meds to take before we went I had a full blown anxiety attack today. For a while there I thought I was going to die.
*Ebay, what does Ebay have to do with why I dread the book sale well I will tell you people who resell books on Ebay come in force, they swarm the tables looking for popular authors, classics and new books donated for the sale. They will come over and take a whole box you are looking out right from under you. This year the library was much better about controlling them, they had more people working the sale, they wouldn't let people stockpile a bunch of books in a corner someplace and buy them later after they had cleaned out a whole table and they wouldn't let them use scanners to find what the going price was for a particular book.

Anyway as I said in the my title you must LOVE books to put yourself through the craziness of the book sale but if you do you can really clean up on stuff you want to read. I always tell myself I am never doing it again but you wait and see next August I will be back complaining that I can't breath and people are insane but I will also have another whole bookshelf of new books to read. :O)


Mom Taxi Julie said...

The lady I learned about ebay from was(probably still is) a book seller lol. I went with her once to a bunch of book sales. It was a lot of fun BUT I know what you mean! And that was before iphones with scanners and internet.

Marilyn Robertson said...

Congrats on filling up your book shelves! Reading a good book is a great treat!

orchidlover said...

I would have loved to go to that. I love books aswell. Our library doesn't have sales, they just keep the books until they fall apart and are then thrown out.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Linda said...

I go the library once a week to check out a book to read fro the week. Our library doesn't have too many sales like that...GoodWill book loft is a great place to find books cheap with out all the anxiety oif the crowds. Their books are very cheap as well. I also just learned of a book swap o-line from my son...he loves it!