Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking for input, comments, rude remarks...

This is a neti pot

This would be people using a neti pot

Why would I post this you ask yourself (you know that's what you are asking yourself right after you looked at the pictures and said is that person pouring water up one nostril to have it drain out the other EWWW!)

I post this because I have sinus gunk again, yes that's a technical term ;O) When my sweetie worked at a company that sold yoga equipment this was one of the non-yoga items they sold and every time I get sinus gunk my sweetie tells me I should try this.

So the input, comments, whatever I am looking for is this
*Have you ever used a neti pot? good experience? bad? to bizarre for words?
*Would you poor water up your nose to clean out your sinus?
*If you do decide to use a neti pot do you then need to have your chi adjusted (wait that's Chinese isn't it?)

Your input is always carefully considered before I do it my own way ;O)


Jo in TAS said...

I haven't used a neti pot but I have used the bottom of a syringe filled with warm water and a bit of bi-carb, works well but it tastes dreadful when it goes down the back of your throat Yukk!

PiecefulChaos said...

A friend gave me one but I've never worked up the nerve to use it! I know quite a few people who swear by them - including the friend that gave me one.

Greg said...

I never knew those existed so I can't say if it works or not. My advise would be to get one and take all kinds of pix of you using it..

Patty said...

I Love my netti pot it works and it's not really as gross as you would think. My husband has allergies and when he uses this it helps relieve his symptoms.

'Ole Lisa said...

Love, love, love it! As Patty said, it isn't as gorss as you think it might be. All of my children love to use it as well. My 13 year old daughter will not eat veggies, but will pour salt water through her sinues. Go figure!