Friday, August 13, 2010

Its Friday the 13th

Of August, that means it my 16th anniversary!

Having my anniversary on a Friday the 13th is special because we got married on a Friday the 13th!

So I looked it up to see what I was supposed to be getting for 16 years and I found that according to the anniversary by year list that 16 you should give and receive tormaline on the classic list and silver hollowware for the modern. OKAY dude I so had to go look up what they were talking about!
I found this is a tourmaline ring pretty huh, just $1850 (I don't think I will be finding this next to my dinner plate tonight)

So moving on to hollowware I found this "Hollowware is the opposite of flatware. Flatware are dishes that lay flat, like a flat plate. Hollowware is a dish or item that is not flat, like a bowl." Okay I am not sure who makes up these lists but I so do not want a silver plated gravy boat for my anniversary!

So I am going to start making my own list

1st- nookie(other terms you may find this gift under would be the horizontal mambo, bedroom push ups, and the really classy among us may say getting lucky) Lets face it when you have only been married a year you are broke an you are still madly in love(you haven't yet realized that the "cute" things he does aren't going to be cute in another couple years) so what better gift.

2nd- jewelry lets face it she stuck with you for 2 years it is SO time for you to be coming up with something shiny to keep her attention.

3rd- Night away at a B&B by now you probably have a kid or at least a dog or cat so you NEED a time away when someone else makes you apple and cream cheese stuffed french toast and makes the bed for you!

Okay I need to think on some more so I will continue the anniversary gift giving guide later.

Hugs and Love,

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