Saturday, August 14, 2010

The seven year itch

Let's continue on our practical anniversary gift giving advise,

7th year- This is another one to give some serious thought to. I mean Marilyn Monroe could move in upstairs and then what would you do? I think that you need to remind your dear wife that you love her as much as when you honeymooned, so take her back to your honeymoon spot (no really its very romantic, unless you are me and then reliving your honeymoon would involve husbands with food poisoning NOT romantic, remind me to tell you the whole story one time)

8th- by this time all the nice stuff you got for your wedding is trashed so renovate a room for her, if its possible a room just for her maybe a nice sewing room or a dark room even a green house would be good. If you took the roto-tiller advice and she didn't use it to turn over the ground to make a shallow grave for you maybe its time for that gazebo.

9th- What we haven't had any jewelry for a while? It is SO time for more. Remember each time you need to get larger, nicer and more expensive items. It just wont work to get her a diamond and ruby pendant in the past then a cheesy turquoise ring from the Indian casino this time.

10- once again its a milestone anniversary, It looks like she is going to stick around so you better show her why she still likes you. A trip, a nice one is in order Hawaii, the Bahama's, a cruise. Be careful here you don't want to go to far and take a grand tour of Europe and Greece cause then what are you going to do when 15 rolls around and you have to top yourself. Think ahead man :O)

11,12,13 & 14- So by now you really should have learned to listen to the hints she drops starting about a month or two before you anniversary is coming up. Think what has she showed you in a magazine or catalog, told you a story about her friends romantic husband, pointed out in a store or on the telly. I know you can do it, you just have to reach into yourself and find that romantic bone you have. Maybe you don't even know its there but everyone has one some of us (mostly men ;O) ) choose not to use it very often.

15th- once again you should be marveling that she is still here even though you squeeze the toothpaste in the middle and put the tp on the roll wrong she still loves you and has devoted pretty close to half her life(cause we are all child brides who have children older than we are LOL) to you.
15 years demands a little blue box, yes save your pennies all year for this one and bite the bullet you lovely wife NEEDS to own something from Tiffany's.

16th- Yes dear I know you are waiting for me to tell you what you should go out and get but HA I say HA HA HA I am on to you, don't you know this is all a test? I am checking to see if you listen to me the rest of the year or pay attention when I say oooo I want one of whatever. You will be graded and your extracurricular activities for the next few months will be based on how you score on this test. In other words you score better if you score better on this test LOL ;O)

NO really, Stop giggling mister! I am still waiting for most of the stuff on this list so you better get busy!

I love you with all my heart dear Michael, thank you for 16 wonderful years!

Oh and for anyone that needs me to come up with practical anniversary gift ideas for the hubby or heck if you are one of the male readers for yourself let me know and I will think on it :O)

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