Wednesday, May 23, 2007

12 she can't be 12...

Well Saturday is Miranda's birthday she will be 12!
I have apparently lost my old and addled mind because I have allowed her to invite 13 of her school friends to our house for a luau on Saturday.
I remember 12 years ago when she was born I remember being in miserable labor for 24 hours, I remember my blood pressure shooting off the chart and being told after 4 hours of pushing that they needed to "unzip me" , I remember being on the operating table and hearing her cry once then nothing and freaking out ( I didn't understand they had taken her to another room.),
She was so tiny and so adorable, I guess that a birthday party of 14 twelve year olds can't be any worse than that.
So we are going to have cupcakes with flowers on them arranged in the shape of a lea, we are going to limbo and I think that we should have a hula contest or something, I think that we will have pineapple sherbet and Miranda wants pizza (I suggested ham and pineapple or Spam and she told me I was "So Gross!")
Wish me luck!

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MarilynH said...

you were kidding about the Spam, right? (I don't like Spam!) Does anyone eat that anymore? LOL

Hope the party was fun for Marinda and didn't make you crazy! :)