Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I love Happy Bunny!

because he always says what you really want to say but don't. Okay I usually say what I want to say anyway ;0)

Lets face it we as a country very rarely say what's really on our mind. How do you explain that to a child? "You should be an honest person" then they see you telling great aunt Bertha that she looks fabulous in her lime green polyester jump suit. They know you are lying. So how do you explain that sometimes you lie to not hurt peoples feelings and that's okay? Is it okay? Should we subject the rest of society to Great Aunt Bertha in her lime green jumpsuit? Maybe what we need to do as a people is stop having our feeling hurt when people tell us the truth instead of what we what to hear and be more honest with each other.

It seems to me that if we could start with being honest a lot of other problems would go away. If you are being honest then we would have a reduction in theft (it isn't honest to steal), we would have truth and honor among our legislator's (maybe we could start to trust them again), we would never buy that hideous shade of lipstick(cause your friends would say "sweetie bad color on you."), we would never have to sit through another Al Gore docudrama about global warming (because he can't honestly say that he can prove anything is warming let alone the BS he has in his speeches and his movie)

Lets all start with honesty, we would have more integrity, we would have a better society in which to live, we would never again be victims of the great fashion conspiracy that gave us leg warmers!

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