Tuesday, November 27, 2007

bill day BLECH!

Today is my least favorite day of the month! Paying bills day. I hate it!!!!
So please excuse my foul mood.
I have about half my inside decorations up WOO HOO! It may take an act of congress or me paying someone else to get my outside up. Maybe if I keep posting here about it that will shame him into doing it, ya think? Nah.
I get to go back to the Dr to see my heart on the 10th. I think I will have to hit a few quilt stores and Mrs Backers bakery while I am down there. I am never going to lose any weight I have no self control. SIGH!
Okay enough stalling back to the dang bills.

1 comment:

MarilynH said...

"act of congress" LOL
We haven't put up anything at all yet. Rob and I are really putting it off!! bad!