Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day

Isn't this a nice scene! Its what they(I am not sure who they are) would have you believe Thanksgiving is supposed to be. Not at our house man, We have the annual Thanksgiving disaster.

That's our tradition.

One year my mom set the oven on fire with a dishtowel and turkey drippings, another year my dad flooded the basement when he put the peelings from 20 pounds of potatoes down the garbage disposal at once, I have even help move the tradition along by knocking over a candle onto the table cloth one year and starting a fire. We have had the oven turned off half way through the turkey cooking, we have had burnt pies, we have had half the family have intestinal flu.

I am pretty sure this is why mu Uncle and his family have Thanksgiving at there own house and don't come and do the family thing with us. :o)

So as you sit down to your peaceful, lovely, Norman Rockwell meal tomorrow think of me we will probably be putting out a fire or trying to get my moms dog to stay outside so she isn't on the table.

Remember how blessed we all are to live in this free country and remember to include our troops in your giving thanks this year especially the ones that are far from home and missing out on this family day.

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