Friday, November 02, 2007

Austin's Saturday morning stress release


So Austin has signed up for our local high schools little league wrestling group. He is practicing every Tuesday and Thursday and meets every (yes every Saturday).
He is totally loving it, I get all freaked when he does it. I have a really hard time watching him I am afraid he is going to get hurt.
He is good he had never wrestled before and got a second place medal at his first meet. I am glad he has found something he likes and is good, he liked soccer okay but his asthma made it really hard for him to play.
I think I need to get him some ear things so he doesn't get all weird mooshed ears.
I am so thrilled to spend my next couple of months worth of Saturdays in gyms at every high school around watching my son roll on the ground trying to take some other little boys head off. ;O)

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Freer Family said...

That's such a boy-ish activity. Is that what I have to look forward too? Yikes! I'm super glad Austin has found an activity he loves, it looks like a great outlet for him. Have fun in those sweaty high schol gyms.