Sunday, November 25, 2007

The tired after the holiday

Well tomarrow is Monday and everyone goes back to school and work, This will be the first time I am alone with Wade since my surgery so that is going to contribute to my tired.
I think I will be fine but I am already tired from all the fun and festivites of Thanksgiving.

Oh yes it was a tradidtional Thanksgiving for us the turkey on the bbq the flame went out for a while and the one in the oven didn't want to cook so we didn't eat until amost 7:30.
We did luck out no fires or major damage to my sisters house but Mike did mess up the carpet with the gravy.

The red shoes now have a good home and are being used. :O(

I didn't manage to get Mike to hang the lights but I did get one of the trees put up. So it almost looks like Christmas around here. Maybe I con get the other tree up tonight but I don't know. We will see if I can beat Mike into it.

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