Saturday, November 10, 2007

The saga of Carin and her lopsided heart

This is the "normal" location for a PFO defect.
If you look at this picture you can see the thick part of the top of the heart next to the atrium, that would be where my defect was. The Dr Calls me his "weird patient"
So lets start when I go to go into surgery and they give me "some thing to make me relax" I didn't relax as a matter of fact I was asking them questions about my heart on the screen. Every few minutes they would come over and say something to the effect of "oh I see your still with us" and shove more drugs in my IV. I never did fall asleep I didn't feel anything but I watched the whole procedure.
So they send me back to recovery I am thinking I get to go home after I stay still for 2 hours to make sure I am not going to reopen the hole in my groin, I wait and wait finally I flag down someone and the Dr pops in to say you will be spending the night cause I want to make sure the device doesn't interfere with the valve in your aorta. So I sent my Grandma and my husband home and I sit down in recovery for another couple hours waiting for them to "find a clean room"
I have now had a turkey sandwich since midnight the day before and its 8:30 pm (Oh I threw up most of the turkey sandwich anyway cause of the stupid morphine they gave me to fall asleep that didn't work) The nurse brings me a tray from 2 hours before that is baked cod (oh my holy grossness) I was like I can't eat that. She is all I am sure when they get you to a room the can find you a sandwich. I was all okay.
They finally find me a room and I ask about said sandwich the nurse and CNA look at each other like sandwich we don't have no stinking sandwich. They found me some toast and little packages of peanut butter and jam. (Big dinner)
It took them until almost 11 to get my regular drugs from the pharmacy so I could go to sleep, then they came in every hour to check my vitals and tell me they changed nurses and crap. No sleep for Carin.
The Dr was in at like 7:30 said that as soon as I had another echogram I could go so I hurry and call Mike cause he has a freakin hour (or more stupid morning rush hour) by the time he got there they were ready to kick me out so he didn't even park they just wheeled me out and I was off.
I haven't had a headache for the first time in about a year, WOO HOO! My chest hurts like some one kicked me in it every time I do much so I have to take it slow. SIGH!
So that's my tale sad but true


Freer Family said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe you watched the prcedure? Was it cool or icky? I'm glad you are feeling better, just don't over do it. I know, easier said then done when you have kiddos. I can't believe they brought you cod, that is so vomitous. I wonder why they think someone fresh from surgery would want to eat that, ick!

April said...

Hugs Carin! I'm glad to hear you survived the experience (cod... eeeew) and are back at home taking it easy.

MarilynH said...

Sounds like the hospital stay I had when Amelia was born!! Ack!! No one bothered me for the first whole day I was there (before the c-section) because no one knew I was there... or so I was told the next morning by some dr. Scary.\I can't believe you were awake for the whole thing!!!!