Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Halo or not to Halo that is the question

So this is the "other person" my husband is seeing almost every night.

First let me start by saying I am totally against ANY first person shooter games, Its not just a Halo thing.

My husband loves this game, he gets online and kills other people with his friends from work. He works hard and he deserves his free time. He doesn't go hunting, he doesn't go to bars, he isn't a member of a bowling league, he doesn't go hang out with his buddy's and play poker so I really don't want to begrudge him the couple of things he likes to do.
I just miss him at night, when the kids go to bed he is off to play and I usually end up watching the news alone upstairs cause I just can't stand blowing people up. ( gosh you would think I was some sort of bleeding heart liberal or something)

So the question of the day is this I would like to spend time with him do I just give in and learn to play Halo so I can spend time with him? If I do can I ask him to quilt or scrapbook with me a couple times a week to make it fair? Do I leave him alone maybe he wants that time to play with "the boys" and doesn't need his clingy wife bugging him?

Maybe he will just read this and it will all get worked out ;O)!

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Mike said...

I miss you too at night. I try to limit myself as much as I humanly can. I just can't stand watching the evening local news. I'm sure I'm not very good company when I'm seething about 5 minute commerical blocks after 3.5 minutes of meaningless (to me) news.

Remember how much time I used to spend playing Doom? It could be as bad as that right?

I do need some me time. Not much but a little.