Saturday, December 01, 2007

let there be light(s)

I said I would make him do it even if it snowed and sure enough we got snow last night. I am mean I know. But with the exception of icicle lights on the peak of the house (both because he wont climb up and we have snow) we have Christmas lights! WOO HOO!

I want to say my husband is wonderful, he hates to do this but he does it for me.
Thanks my sweetheart!


April said...

I love Christmas lights! Looks pretty Carin. :)

teresa said...

ha ha ha! I think all husbands hate putting lights up, but they do it because we love them ;)

MarilynH said...

they are pretty!
Carin--did you move? I swear that isn't the same house you bought from you parents, is it? Either I am going crazy or I am a REALLY bad friend, so much that you moved and i didn't know it! (or forgot, which is entirely possible, too)

Freer Family said...

They look extra special pretty in the snow. Way to go Mike.