Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after meltdown...

Okay so is it wrong to still be in bed at noon the day after Christmas?

Mike the biggest kid of all stayed up until after 3 playing Halo (insert hand striking forhead here)

We had a good Christmas I got all sorts of quilting books
Mike gets to go indoor skydiving
Austin got his Darth Vader that transforms into the death star
Miranda got the Twilight book and an appointment to the orthodontist (yes she thinks this is a great gift)
and Wade got his Leapster and thinks he is as big as his brother playing gameboy.

We had a wonderful family breakfast and dinner with my folks and my brother.
Overall it was a wonderful Christmas, No trips to the ER, No one burned anything down, no appliances stopped working (okay the flame went out on the burner to my moms gas stove but we got it re-lit no explosions so it was all good.) As far as holidays go this one was one of the better ones.
Look out new years! ;O)

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