Saturday, December 08, 2007

I am putting one of these in my yard!

The wind always blows at my house! Its just something you learn to live with when you live at the mouth of a canyon,
however the wind the last two nights has been so awful! Its been around 30mph with guts that are much higher I hear the nails in the roof creak when the wind gusts. I HATE that!
My poor Wade just is scared to death of the wind so he ends up climbing in bed with me. When that happens I have Mike (my own personal space heater) to my back, Wade (who likes to sleep with his feet in my stomach and my arm under his head) and two cats at my feet. I wake up feeling like a pretzel if I get any sleep. SIGH!
So what I am thinking is I am cheap by nature so if I was paying for my electricity while the stupid wind blew maybe I could have a better attitude about it.
What do you think? Think the neighbors would appreciate having one of these in my yard up close they are several story's high and I think they might have something to say about it blocking there view. I don't live by the Kennedy's, so none of my neighbors are in congress to make a fuss about losing there view. Tee Hee!

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MarilynH said...

I say go for it! You have no CC&Rs so what can they say? LOL
when I was little and lived in NC, we had awful wind when tornadoes were nearby. Ive never been in such awful wind since. even here in eagle Mountain! LOL actually, the spot where our house is situated, is isn't too bad.