Wednesday, October 07, 2009

School is closed for the rest of the week...

My DD's high school closed today at lunch because of an H1N1 outbreak(its pretty nasty looking isn't it)
She has been sick but it never occurred to me the she could have the "swine flu" turns out the girl she sits next to in 3 yes 3 of her classes was diagnosed with H1N1 and her mom sent her to school. What the crap was she thinking! DUDE!!!
So we have an appointment with the doc in a little over an hour to find out if that's whats up with my DD. I am told if it is we all get to go on Tamaflu(at a $30 copay per family member)
I will let you know. SIGH!


jillquilts said...

I think I have some fabric that looks like that!! :)

Some people just don't think when it comes to staying home when they are ill. They enjoy spreading the wealth, I guess.

Hope your family doesn't get sick! Stay well!

Greg said...

I had a bug last week (not H1N1) and I kept my butt in bed most of the time. When I was in school, oh so many moons ago, if I even thought about a sniffle, I'd be trying to convince my parents I shouldn't spread it around. My favorite illness had to be spring fever, and it was always closely followed by good fishing season. Hmm.. I've got a tickle, might be a mild case of quilt pox.. Better go medicate with some fabric..