Friday, April 18, 2008

Its Friday!

I am supposed to be working on the quilt for the Jr High silent auction I am just takeing a break I will post a picture as soon as I have it done. It is purple and yellow(the school colors) GAG!!!


MarilynH said...

ewww---purple and yellow. LOL

do you still loathe pink and red together? hee heee
I have always remembered that about you.

Kristi said...

Happy Friday! You are so great to make a quilt for that!

Kim said...

ewww? Purple and Gold were my kids school colors! I like it! At least you have a dead line so you'll get that thing out of your way soon, lol, poor girl!

Julie said...

I love the graphics--cute!! I understand the PTA thing. I do PTA at the elementary and PTO at the junior high--I don't know how to say "NO!!" Have a good time at the PTA convention. I hear they are fun if you just consider it a girl's time away---HEHEHEHE!!!