Monday, April 28, 2008

Going to SLC to meet DH for lunch

Wade and I are headed to SLC in just a few to meet my DH and an old friend for some Thai food for lunch. I am hoping I can find something soft. I would go topless if I could get away with it just cause wearing anything touches the sunburn on my neck and I am grumpy! However topless is just not a good idea for people trying to eat so I will force myself into some clothes and try not to whimper and complain to much.

The kids started CORE testing today so the kids were NOT supposed to be late. WELLLLL my sweet DD took my keys out of my purse and hid them from her baby brother because he is an escape artist and so he has to be locked in sometimes. However she didn't put my key back in my purse or even any of the normal places she hides them. So we are running around frantically looking for them, I finally had to call and get her out of class at the Jr High and she being almost 13 had such a great attitude, Says to me well I put them down in between the cushions of the chair, like that was the most logical thing in the world and I am a totally idiot for not knowing that's where she put them.
So DS was 15 minutes late, his teacher is annoyed (oh so sorry for that NOT!) and I spent the whole morning in a tizzy!

That Thai food better be good! (there are a couple quilt shops on the way home if it isn't)

Mer just for you I moved the TMBG song since it isn't your fav! LOL Crin


Julie said...

My kids are doing the CRT's starting today, too. It's that go-to-school-and-not-do-much time of year. Hope your Thai food was yummy.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Carin! Patchwork fabric therapy helps cope with many of life's stresses and ills!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope you enjoyed the lunch! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

MarilynH said...

LOL! You dind't need to take it off for me.