Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why is it...

Why is it that men feel the need for a hair cut every 3 to 4 weeks?
Mike " It's touching my ears!" Carin "and" Mike "I NEED it cut" Carin " whatever!"

Why is it that a child that wants to play the Playstation can finish his homework and eat his dinner in 15 minutes but if he "isn't in the mood" to get it done or eat it can take 7 hours?

Why is it that the only time I want a Coke slurpee all they have at the 7-11 is Pepsi slurpee's?

Why is it that even when change is good it's never easy?

Why is it that my 11 year old thinks she is 23?

Why is it that when I am bummed I crave something to eat but I don't know what and nothing I eat fixes it?

Why is it that when I leave a surprise for Mike in his car or mail him a romantic card or anything like that I have to ask him if he got it?

Why is it that my cat thinks she is a ninja and hides and attacks my ankles when ever I go down the stairs?

Why is it that even when I have people to talk to and things to do I can still be lonely?

Why is it that I am supposed to live here in this place? I seem destined to stay here and I am not sure why.

Why is it I think moving far away would make me feel any better?

why am I babbling on like this when I should really be doing my laundry?

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