Friday, September 29, 2006

George Carlin and Alec Baldwin oh my...

Thomas is a new fixture on our TV. Wade has discovered a love for trains.
(I think its in the blood, my great uncle was an engineer, my grandfather owned a freight dock about half the older generation of my family worked for the rail roads.)
Thomas is cute but I don't get the "message" its trying to give the kids , they always have some message but its never spelled out at the end just sorta left hanging for the 3 year olds to figure out. What's up with that?

I also have to wonder what two of the biggest tree hugging, Bush hating, baby killing liberals on the planet are teaching my son as they narrate the show. I have watched it with him and the ones I have seen so far are "safe" from the liberal mind control but we will have to see.

For now we watch Thomas almost as much as Einsteins I am sure next week or maybe the week after it will be Bob the builder (Heaven help me!)

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