Friday, September 08, 2006

My life is blah...

My life is blah that is why I go weeks or even months between blogging. I have nothing interesting to write about, I should I have an opinion about everything and I am never wrong just ask me ;O).
Lately my day has been get up make the bed, get kids and Mike off to school and work, clean the house, dork around online, wonder what I am going to fix for dinner and that's about it.

I told you my life was blah!

On the other hand I get wonderful hugs from Wade with a pat on the back, Miranda when she isn't being "Miss Attitude Problem USA" will still put her arm around me and tell me she loves me, Austin will still blow me kisses as he gets out of the van to go to school and he always gives me a hug when I need it most. My sweet Mike is supportive, caring and one of the best tennis players on the planet ;o) So I guess my life may be boring but I am very very blessed by the people that are in it.

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MarilynH said...

This is an awesome post, Carin! You say your life is Blah, but remember the best show in the history of forever was "a show about nothing" :)

BTW, I am sending you a copy of DWColor. No strings attached. :)