Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall leaves

I shot some really cool pictures of fall leaves this last weekend on a drive up to Snow Basin.
No really I did I just can't post them right now cause I can't find what the 2 year old did with the card reader. If I could show them to you I would show you my favorite one of a red leaf on the ground. I shot some vistas of the leaves and pine view down the mountain and those are nice but my favorite one I got laying on the ground
( well more squatting then leaning over really, there is no need to get dirty to do this is there?) it is this brilliant red leaf, you can see brown dead leaves around it and even a little gravel. Anyway when I find the card reader I will show it to you, promise!

1 comment:

MarilynH said...

it sounds wonderful, Carin--can't wait to see it. Hope the card reader shows up soon! Grrr