Thursday, September 07, 2006

Its soccer time again!

Yippy! NOT!
I am the self admitted worlds worst soccer mom!
I hate getting up on a Saturday at 8 am to sit in th cold (or be there at noon in 95 degree heat) , I hate that they change the rules every time he gets a year older (I as just starting to get the rules from last year :o( ), I hate worrying he will have an asthma attack, I hate that its supposed to be "non competitive" they aren't even supposed to keep score but some of the coaches, dads and especially moms are out yelling at their kid or the 12 year old that is the referee, I hate bugs and dirt and grass and being outside in general!

What I do love is my son and he loves to play soccer! So I will be out sitting on the sidelines trying to be supportive, trying not to be the mom yelling at the kids from the other team cause they touched my son. I will get up on Saturdays at the unholy hour of 7:30 so I can drag a lawn chair up the hill to the soccer field and listen to my 11 year old daughter complain and say all the stuff I can't cause I'm the mom and I have to be supportive ;O) !

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