Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas photo shoot done!

Every year I swear I am not doing a photo shoot of the kids for the Christmas card. I have no patience at all so taking 3 hours to make them sit still long enough to get a shot makes me say bad words.
This year we added Wade to the mix and let me tell you if I thought getting the two older kids to sit still was hard I was sadly mistaken.
This scan turned out so much darker than the real picture but you get the idea anyway.
My idea was to have them all in Santa hats but try explaining that idea to a two year old. I have plenty of shots of him pulling the hat off and shoving it in his sisters face. They really are to cute for words and after I get "the Christmas card" shot then I remember why I do this every year.


MarilynH said...

LOL..."makes me say bad words."

yeah, but ain't he cute!! Did you get a shot of him doing all those things? Its a great photo, Carin!!

When did Austin get glasses?

Grandpa Chuck said...

Merry Christmas sweetheart. This wonderful blog will help me keep up with my grandkids and family there in the land of snow and ice. (At least this time of year.) Those three are the most precious. A true testament to how you are raising them. We will try to get up there soon but now that we are jobless it will be awhile. I talked to Mike so the kids will be getting gift cards this year and I know you will help make it the funnest Christmas yet for those angels.

Love and kisses to all.

April said...

Aw, sweet kiddos Carin. :)

Kristi said...

Such a cute picture, Carin!