Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why do I even bother...

To send my kids to school on a week we have a holiday? I didn't today I figured they could watch cartoons and eat crap at home and I didn't have to get dressed to drive them to school to do it. Does this make me a bad mom? I guess when it comes down to it I have a tolerance for the school system but over all I am not thrilled with it.
I am tired of teachers around here complaining that they don't make enough money when the way I see it they don't do a whole lot. They get every holiday off and usually don't bother to do anything in the week leading up to the holiday. They get the whole summer off. They have "short" day on Wednesdays and have short days at least once a month plus a day off for "teacher work day". I think its a load of you know what that they complain they don't make enough! They make as much as any other college graduate and have total job security try to find that in the "real" world.
Who wouldn't want a job that you have a minimum of 3 months vacation, work Monday to Friday, 7 hours a day, get anywhere from 1 to 7 days a month off for some holiday or "work"day, get to go home early every Wednesday, you can send home anything you assigned but didn't feel like doing with the kids so mom and dad have to do it, and make 40 grand a year.

Okay I know that this isn't the case with every teacher in every school district in every city in every state. However it has been my experience with teachers while going to school and now with sending my kids to school. I am grateful for the teachers my kids have had that truly care about the kids and teaching them something. I am grateful for the time and energy those teachers put in they should be paid more. But it doesn't work that way see teachers have a union and heaven forbid we pay the ones that do a great job more and get rid of the ones that are incompetent. I know several teachers and the men and women I know are of the they deserve more kind unfortunately they don't teach where my kids go to school and where my kids go to school they could use a good old fashion house cleaning when it comes to teachers.

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