Thursday, November 17, 2005

Typically Two

Our Wade he will be two on December 31st and he is already two in every way. He will keep busy for hours with Matchbox cars or he chases the cat around the house just so he can give her a hug. He is demanding, loud, throws fits and hates to bath and I wouldn't want him any other way.

Some of my favorite "wade-isms"...
-When he sings along with the Barenaked ladies "It's All Been Done".
-When you come home he tackles your knees and screams "Mama".
-The answer to every question is "NO!" even when he is shaking his head yes.
-How much he loves his sister. When we pull into the parking lot at the school he sings the Miranda song while we wait. It goes kinda like this "Unda,unda,UNDA!!!,unda".
-When He and Austin play cars together and they are both on the ground pushing little cars going "brrrrrrummm brrrrrrummmm".
-He is totally fearless! He climbs the stairs, our bed, his high chair, he dives into the chair in the living room when he is standing in the dining room, he loves the slide, he loves when daddy swings him, he will stand on your shoulders if you let him.
-I love that he loves spicy food. He will eat chips and salsa that makes grown men cry, he eats curry, he loves mint and cinnamon. My baby the hot head! I couldn't be more proud.
-He wants to read and will sit next to me while I read a book and read one of his own. He turns the pages and says "nice" at each page.

It took a lot to bring our Wade into this world at times I thought I was going to die before this pregnancy was over but he is so worth every thing I went through. He is such a gift and a blessing in our family we love him with all our hearts and souls. I couldn't imagine life with out our Wade.


Becky said...

I just can't believe he's going to be 2 already!!!

April said...

Two?!?! Holy cow, time flies. What a little sweetie. :)

MarilynH said...

I am so glad you have a blog!! i love reading it. he is a cutie!! i haven't seen him since we were at his blessing. You need to post lots of pics!