Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Afternoon update...

Just when I had decided that all of humanity was a waste of space (I spent the day at the several grocery stores with 3 kids I think my opinion is justified)I see something that changes my mind.
While waiting at the stop light a couple cars back from the bottom of the off ramp to the freeway I saw a homeless man with a sign standing on the corner. The sign simply said hungry. As I sat wondering if I should find some cash to give the man a man in the car in front of me called him over handed him some cash and then gave him a takeout carton from a local restaurant. I am assuming this man in the car gave this poor homeless man his lunch. It made me cry. The man in the car didn't give up his lunch because he wanted to look like a hero, he didn't do it for a tax write off, or because he wanted everyone to know what a generous guy he was he did it because that man was hungry and he had something he could do about it.
I hope I can remember to have a more Christ like attitude when it comes to the human race even after Sam's club with 3 kids in tow.

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