Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Worlds Greatest Dad!

This is my sweetie! (yes that's always the face he makes when his picture is being taken) Mike is the greatest!

That could be the end of my rambling but then that wouldn't be much fun would it.
Mike is an awesome dad for many reasons, This picture was taken when he took Austin to the air show at Hill Air Force base near our house. He knows all the planes (the numbers, what they do, who uses them, when and why they are used), he knows all the guns and the missiles and all that stuff I think is really boring but that his boys eat up.
He takes us all hiking and is able to tell the kids about the rock formations and he is teaching them to take care of the trails and make them better.
He is an AWESOME cook and for the last 11 years has done about 90% of the cooking at our house. He is willing to play short order cook and make everyone something they like which is why the kids like it better when he cooks.
He is the most supportive and loving person he is always encouraging the kids and me to be better, smarter people, to make the most of ourselves.
He works hard at his job and here in our home. With Mike everything he does he has to do right. (He over engineers and over complicates everything but when he is done its good.)
I love Mike! I love that he is such a good dad! I love knowing that we are going to be together forever.

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MarilynH said...

Awesome, Carin!! You got a good one, I agree. :) We went to the air show a few years ago. Hot, but fun.

(rob has a "face" for photos, too. LOL)