Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wash Day or we don't want to be know and the nekkid family

Its that day the day when you pull out a pair of ratty cut off sweats that should have been thrown out 2 years ago and a bra that really doesn't support anything any more and you say to yourself "Well I guess its do laundry or start a nudest camp" That's where I am today.

I am going to follow in Henry Fords footsteps and have an assembly line to get things done. Moody pre-teen son gathers the clothes and takes them to the washer, really moody teenage daughter washes and drys the clothes, I fold the clothes and 5 year old that thinks he is a teen so is still moody takes them to the appropriate rooms so the owner can put them away.

They aren't aware of this diabolical plan for their time, I am starting by taking all the controllers to the game consoles and hiding them, that will fix the boys. DD is a bit harder as she would be willing to sit in her room and read for days on end, so I must come up with a way to keep her involved, I think it will need to start with her MP3 player finding its way to the same hiding place as the game controllers.

Wish me luck!

Oh on a different note I almost have finished 4 applique blocks I am doing for an elderly neighbor lady that still loves to quilt but can't see well enough to applique so I do the applique for her. I will post a picture before I deliver them they are darling if I do say so myself.

Hope your day is full of love and happyness,


The Calico Cat said...

Only one day for laundry day? We do laundry daily. (The down side of cloth diapers - 2 washes one cold, one hot every day!) Then we generally do "other" laundry at least every other day.

Julie said...

Hi Carin--wishing you the best with your laundry plan--I dealt with laundry and teenagers yesterday. We both deserve medals it sounds like to me!!

I can't wait to see the applique. I haven't attempted applique yet. I will have to face my fears and do it someday, I suppose. Have a great day. Julie

Guðrún said...

I hope you didn´t have to turn to plan B :)

Regina said...

LOL -your post just reminded me that i have wash going in the basement that has to be finished before bedtime!

Gina said...

the washing I can handle it's the ironing I hate. I have a mountain of ironing screaming for me to do it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx