Thursday, August 06, 2009

totally random things

First I had to update my about me info as i am no longer in the PTA and my baby is going to school this year so I am no longer a pre-school entertainment coordinator. While I was at it I updated my photo.

I took this pic of my oldest today for her facebook page, she is getting so OLD!

We went to the county fair today and my baby showed the army guys he is a future NFL star if he just grows a bit, I also took some pics of the wonderful quilts made by the women in my county. Enjoy.

Oh and you have to check out this darling tutorial over on the Moda bake shop to make kitties and puppies
HUGS and love to all,


MamaBug said...

All those quilts are beautiful, but I really love that floral one. No way M. is getting that big! Love your new description too. :)

Carol VR said...

Wow, how old is she now???

They grow up soooo fast.