Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How man colors of tan can there be...

So tomorrow I have a guy coming to give me a bid on painting our living room, stairwell and hall.
Why might you ask would I pay someone to paint such a small area!?! Well for starters its really not that small while the floor space isn't huge our living room has something close to 30 foot ceilings and I have no desire to climb up scaffolding and paint all the ay up there. Might and I get cross when we paint I choose to blame it on the chemicals in the paint and not on Mike being a butt ;O)
I think I want something neutral but not white or off white something more up to date so I have been thinking a nice tan or beige I was looking at paintchips at the Home Depot and can you believe that there is something like 50 colors of tan? Good grief!
I don't want it to be to dark and I don't want it to look brown at all (especially when our kitchen is green that would be a 70's flashback color scheme for sure ewwwww!)
I am hoping the painter will have some suggestions and maybe some paint swatches to check them out. Wish me luck.


Kristi said...

Good luck with picking the paint color. I think that was one of the hardest things about building our house. Try to pick colors that meshed together.

Trashman0 said...

I'm sure Mike will be a butt anyway.