Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where did my little girl go?

My Miranda is becoming quite the young woman, she has always had a mind of her own about things but lately she is hitting the "tween" thing in a big way.
She has declared a ban on anything pink in her wardrobe she thinks that everything she owns should come from "Hot Topic" and be black.
she wants to wear makeup.
she wants high heels to go with her Sunday dresses and she doesn't wear tights she wears nylons.
She tells me about the "cute"boy at school .
she thinks she needs a cell phone
growing up is a good thing too...
she is also her baby brothers favorite person to play with.
she is willing to do chores for money.
she thinks about things a lot more she makes well reasoned decisions about the things she wants to do and the things she spends her money on.

Miranda has had it different than the other two kids being the oldest and being the only girl. In some ways she had parents that had no idea what they where doing so we did it by the book and had to learn what worked and what didn't. In the other aspect she is our "little girl" she got all the frilly dresses and cute dolls she could ever use.
I am glad she is growing up so well she loves her family, she loves the Lord and she trys to make good decisions. She is a friend to everyone and wants to save the world. I love my Miranda and I know that she is going to grow up to great and wonderful things.


Amy B. said...

I understand. I'm going through simmilar things with Sarah. she doesn't like boys yet (as far as I know) but she has banned pink and this year she actually wanted some clothes for Christmas. sigh. they do grow up don't they?

Becky said...

It's kinda scary how fast it happens, too. I swear both of my girls were little just yesterday. Kristin hasn't quite banned pink yet, but she did ask for clothes and more grown-up stuff than she has in the past.