Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top 10

The top ten reasons I haven't been here bloging like I should...

10 Babies choking... Wade had a choking incident with a piece of meat at dinner that resulted in a 911 call, a ride in an ambulance and a trip two 2 emergency rooms. He is fine he didn't have to have any sort of surgery and he wasn't without air for more than about 30 seconds but it was damn scary and not something I care to repeat.

9 Sick kiddos... We have had all 3 kids sick with the "flu" its viral so there is nothing that can be done but give the cough syrup and lots of love. I know they got it from me and I feel awful about it.

8 Sick me...I started this whole flu business but I am sure I got it from the rug rat at the emergency room when we took Wade. He looked like death but his mother kept letting him wander the room. I keep myself between him and Wade and I think that is why I got sick first.

7 quilts, quilts, quilts... For Christmas I made a quilt for each of the kids. In typical Carin fashion I started them 7 days ago.

6 Shopping fun and frivolity... I had to finish the last of the Christmas shopping for the kids and Mike. Okay I admit it I still haven't finished the shopping for Mike. What do you buy someone that thinks its and insult to get clothes for Christmas and buys any toy he wants for himself.

5 oh the weather outside is frightful... I get the "winter blues" when it gets yucky out then I don't feel like doing anything.

4 Its time to make the doughnuts... Well maybe not doughnuts but fudge, divinity, caramel corn, sugar cookies and cinnamon candy.

3 It's Christmas time and all is crazy!

2 It's Christmas time and ALL is CRAZY!!

and the number one reason I haven't been around much...


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Kristi said...

10 very good reasons, Carin! Although, I am glad to see you post!