Saturday, November 22, 2008

drowning under a pile of laundry

I am so sick of laundry I could scream, you just get everything done and more shows up. BLECH!
What if we had biodegradable clothes, stuff you could wear once and then it just melted.
I see issues with sweaty people that could be bad cause really if you are extra sweaty do we really want to see you walking around with the armpits of your shirt melted?
In the summer under your boobs would melt. That could be dang frightening if you happen to be shopping at Wal-Mart. EEWWWW!!


Okay so biodegradable/melting clothes aren't the greatest idea let me keep thinking on this one, I know I can come up with something to get out of folding 5 peoples socks and underwear aside from asking them to stop wearing them or wear them dirty.


Lissa Jane said...

I am hearing you about the laundry... you blink and it multiplies.. *Sigh* If I didn't have to do the washing, I am sure I'd fit another 12 hours of sewing in a week (who am I kidding? I'd fit another 12 hours of couch potato-ing in)


Carol VR said...

Could you imagine your clothes melting off at the most unexpected moment???...LOL

paula, the quilter said...

At one point, I had a book on paper clothing. It was from the late seventies(?) Interesting to look at the pictures. It was mainly uniforms for nurses, lab techs, chef/cooks, etc.

Kristi said...

i'm thinking no on the melting clothes, but let me know if you come up with something else. lol

Julia said...

You sill girl!!! ROFLOL Melting clothes would be very scary indeed!

Actually, laundry is my favorite household chore. Much better than dusting and washing windows. :~)

Marilyn R said...

You made me smile today thinking about melting clothes. Thanks!

Joanna said...

Oh that is so funny! Melting under the boobs - had me laughing out loud!!! And laundry. Blech. Actually I don't mind folding it, but I hate hate HATE putting it away. Usually sits around for a few days until I feel like it. I should work on that!

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog - it's great to read yours :)