Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday is nap day!

So with the change to our church schedule we now have to be at church at 9 am. BLECH!!!! That means that we are up by no later than 7 am (on the flippin weekend) to get everyone ready for church.
SO because I only let Wade nap during church we came home and crashed. HARD for several hours.
I only have 11 more months until we go back to 11 for church. At least I don't have to teach anything. SHHH don't tell anyone.


MarilynH said...

we never get the 11-2 its always 1-4 or 9-12. we are on the early one this year like you. It totally sucks to have to get up that early, but I love having the afternoon to nap! AAhhhh. I am so lazy :)

Julia said...

We are on the same schedule. I would like to sleep in on Sunday's too. But, it is nice to have the afternoon for relaxing and preparing the next week's Primary lesson.